Teaching your child to tell the time!

Hello and welcome to m a r c  +  r a f a, your one stop fashion watch shop. As a welcome we would like to give you some special tools to help start teaching your little big people the importance of telling time. A skill that will be with your child forever and one that they will pass down to their kids. 

As a mother of 2 children, the oldest being 4, I think that it's such a fun time to teach them how to tell time as they are embarking on their school life. I found as a child that simply working out to tell the time and setting my clock forward helped me with my maths. Something I still practice until today! 

Here are some tips and tricks to begin our series on "Teaching your child to tell the time".

Teach your child how to count to 60

  • practice and make it fun. Like counting the stars before bed or counting leaves on  an autumn day.
  • Repeating the numbers for you. For example, counting up to mum or dads age or even a grandparents.   

Teaching the notion of time

  • Teaching the concept of time, Morning, Afternoon and Night can help them start grasping the different times of the day.
  • Use meal times, nap time, playtime, bath time or bed time to distinguish the times of the day. 

Using storybooks to teach while having fun

Use stories that teach the basic concepts of time. Perfect for kids who love books. To save you some time we have found some books that do just the trick. 

Next time...

In our next blog we will explore some other tips and tricks for teaching the time to your little big kids! 

marc + rafa